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DJ Angelica Roselie

DJ Angelica Roselie at the Lintutronic eventI'm a Finnish DJ girl who loves many kinds of music genres. I prefer energetic and danceable music with really emotional lyrics, beautiful melodies, and hard bass in every genre, so I'm sure you'll enjoy the night when I'm behind the DJ decks. My goal is to make you feel lots of emotions with my beautiful mixes ♥

DJ & Event organizer

Hosting my own Japanese-themed UG nights, focusing on J-Core, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, DnB, and Psytrance etc. with good vibes. For more information get to know me and just ask. I also host night raves at anime conventions:)

Angelica Roselie on Finnish national radio: YleX: Sonnyn Bassokesä

You can hear my 15min 'Love Mix' in the end of the program, beginning around 1h 41min. Enjoy ♥

Check out my mixtapes and fall in love with them;)

More mixtapes on my Mixcloud page.

Resident DJ at Neonya!! Party & former resident DJ at local bar

I'm usually playing J-core, Happy Hardcore, J-trance, J-EDM, or other cute Japanese music on the Neonya!! Party club events.

I used to be a resident DJ at Street Pride bar located in Helsinki. I mainly played vocal deep house with some extras like melodic techno, trance, and EDM. It was fun, thank you to everyone who was enjoying my music.

Fell in love with my mixes and want to ask me for a gig?

If you'd like me to play at your party or club, just ask. You can find my contact information on the social page. You can send me email or contact me in every social media. I'm also open to international opportunities.

I'm interested in playing in many kind of parties, for example:

  • Club nights
  • UG raves
  • Japanese themed parties
  • Anime conventions
  • Pride parties
  • And many more... Just ask if you are interested.

My favourite music genres that I usually mix:

  • J-Core, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, DnB
  • Trance, Hard Trance, EDM, House (progressive), Psytrance (progressive & full-on), Cute & chill Japanese genres

DJ equipment that I use:

  • Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS players and newer & Pioneer DJM mixers.
  • Pioneer standalones (for example XDJ-RX2 and newer).
  • Denon Prime standalones
  • Rekordbox software + Pioneer controllers.
  • Traktor software + Traktor controllers.
  • I've also played 1 gig with Serato software + controller

Events that I've hosted with my friends and with my sister Serica Kitty.

Event / Club: Location: Date:
Tokyo Dreams - 東京の夢 2.0 Helsinki UG TBA
Nekocon Nightrave Nekocon (Kuopio) 09.07.22
Hypecon Nightrave Hypecon (Hyvinkaa) 11.06.22
Tokyo Dreams - 東京の夢 Helsinki UG 19.02.22

Gig calendar:

Show Up 2023 Gigs ▼ Hide Out 2023 Gigs ▲
Event / Club: Location: Date:
Tokyo Dreams - 東京の夢 2.0 Helsinki UG TBA
Desucon nightrave (b2b with Serica Kitty) Desucon (Moysa, Lahti) 14.01.23
Show Up 2022 Gigs ▼ Hide Out 2022 Gigs ▲
Event / Club: Location: Date:
Neonya!! Party Hard Sound Halloween 2 Helsinki (Tiivistamo) 29.10.22
Tracon x Neonya!! Party Tracon (Tampere) 03.09.22
Musta kolhoosi: Kolhoosi IV Helsinki UG 13.08.22
Neonya!! Party & EastBOP Festival '22 Helsinki (Tiivistamo) 30.07.22
Karkkinapakka (b2b with Serica Kitty) Helsinki UG 16.07.22
YleX Sonnyn Bassokesä radio gig Helsinki 16.07.22
Nekocon Nightrave Nekocon (Kuopio) 09.07.22
Hypecon Nightrave Hypecon (Hyvinkaa) 11.06.22
PuskaGranukit Helsinki UG (forest rave) 03.06.22
Neonya!! Party: HardCore Mixei, Tampere 25.05.22
Kova Sound: Rave on Helsinki UG 21.05.22
Kova Sound: Hardcore Vappu Helsinki UG 30.04.22
West Helsinki UG Helsinki UG 18.04.22
Neonya!! Party: Tropical Rave Helsinki (Tiivistamo) 26.03.22
Friend's birthday party Helsinki UG 18.03.22
Tokyo Dreams - 東京の夢 Helsinki UG 19.02.22
FIRE FEST OPEN AIR VOL.2 Helsinki UG (open air) 05.02.22
Kova Sound: Good Vibes Only Helsinki UG 29.01.22
Show Up 2021 Gigs ▼ Hide Out 2021 Gigs ▲
Event / Club: Location: Date:
Kova Sound: UV (New year party) Helsinki UG (open air) 31.12.21
Private afterparty Helsinki UG 20.12.21
East Helsinki UG Helsinki UG 21.11.21
Private afterparty Helsinki UG 30.10.21
Neonya!! Party: Halloween Helsinki (Tiivistamo) 30.10.21
r4iv0-reivit afterparty Helsinki UG (hall rave) 17.10.21
Private afterparty Helsinki UG 10.10.21
Neonya!! Party: Stream live! Helsinki (Tiivistamo) 11.09.21
Motional Joyride UG Helsinki UG (forest rave) 14.08.21
Ropecon Discolarp Stream Helsinki 31.07.21
Neonya!! Party Park Helsinki (Nylander Park) 17.07.21
Neonya!! Party: 1st Anniversary Stream Helsinki (Tiivistamo) 13.03.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 07.03.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 06.03.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 04.03.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 03.03.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 28.02.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 26.02.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 24.02.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 21.02.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 17.02.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 14.02.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 12.02.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 05.02.21
Lintutronic: Streamed live set Espoo UG 30.01.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 23.01.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 16.01.21
Bar gig Helsinki (Kamppi) 09.01.21
Show Up 2020 Gigs ▼ Hide Out 2020 Gigs ▲
Event / Club: Location: Date:
Helsinki Youth Pride Helsinki (Cultural Centre Caisa) 12.09.20
Neonya!! Party Stream Helsinki 18.07.20

More info about my gigs on my social media.

You can find me with tag '@angelicaroselie'.